Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

Federated ODBC Storage Engine 0.100 released

I have finally publicly released Federated ODBC Storage Engine, something I did most of the development for last year, then became extremely busy with work and other projects. I have heard of interest for this engine from several people, and I really enjoyed working on this project as it enables having a storage engine that can actually connect to a variety of data sources.

Last year I was able to connect it to a PostgreSQL table, but ran into a lot of headaches trying to get other RDBMS ODBC drivers working with it. A lot of the problem is that I need to make the SQL statements the storage engine builds very standard. I had to revert the code a bit to get it to work with the latest MySQL 5.1.21, so I lost some of that work to make the SQL generic. The other issue is that to test with other databases, you need to be somewhat fluent in setting up each one and getting it's ODBC driver working correctly, which takes time away from development.

Some of the other issues in developing this are MySQL server changes from 5.1.18 to 5.1.21.

* every instance in the MySQL server of "byte" was changed to "uchar" (!)
* thd_get_ha_data vs. (ha_federated_odbc *)thd->ha_data[ht->slot];

I'm releasing this because I want to get the code out there so people can have the option of looking at it and contributing if they want to.

My goal is to move this project forward and eventually work it into FederatedX which now has the connection layer separated from the handler code. I would like to see this storage engine talk to PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. There are a lot of great applications this engine could be used for in theory such as tying various data sources together from within MySQL, as well as a migration tool!

Please be aware that this is an ALPHA release.

The source code can be found at:

Mercurial repository at:


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