Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::mysql 4.007 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.007. This release contains the changes:

* Took out mysql_server_init call where not needed
* Complete re-write of test suit to use Test::More - tons of cleanups!
* Makefile.PL changes to use current user in 'make test' if not defined

The biggest change in this release is a completely re-written test suite now using Test::More. This was something I wanted to do for at least two years. Using Test::More for the test suite makes it so much easier to add, manage and understand the various tests that come with the driver.

The file is:

file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.007.tar.gz
size: 123516 bytes
md5: 67a4d921acda942aeb0e65a0023f2098


Thank you for using DBD::mysql!
Tags: databases, dbd::mysql, dbi, mysql, perl
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