Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

FederatedX Pluggable Storage Engine Version 0.2 Released!

The FederateX Pluggable Storage Engine for MySQL, version 0.2 has been released! I've started to go through a list of bugs in Federated that need fixing, and for this version, I've fixed bug 30051.

The cause of this bug was due to the removal of "check_foreign_data_source" which used to check the connection and existence of the table being referenced in the federated connect string or server definition during "CREATE TABLE". Since then, a nice clean convenience method "real_connect" has been added. I simply modified it to take two arguments: a share, and a simple flag saying if the method call is the result of create table. Before I modified this method, the class share was being used which is made available though the call of "get_share". However, when "CREATE TABLE" is called (ha_federatedx::create), get_share hasn't been called, hence the need for passing a share which exists due to the previous call of "parse_url" (just a temporary share to use to test the connect string for correctness).

One odd issue I experienced, is when I added this check, it would hang and then time-out with error 1159. This only happens on create, and it only happens if you are creating a federated table that connects to the same server (not something you should really do anyway). I did add logic to ignore the check if localhost/

So, one bug down, more to go!

Please find the download for this new release at:

Mercurial repository:
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