Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::mysql 4.015 Released

I'm glad to let everyone out in Perl Land know that DBD::mysql 4.015 is released. Per the changelog:

* BUG #56664 fixed t/40blobs.t skip_all logic (W. Phillip Moore)
* BUG #57253 Fixed iteration past end of string (crash). (Chris Butler)
* Added a new parameter for old behavior- mysql_bind_comment_placeholders which
  will make it possible to have placeholders bound within comments for those who really
  want that behavior.
* Fixed bind_type_guessing - always on now. Numbers will not be automatically quoted as they are now.

You can get the latest release at:

 file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.015.tar.gz
 size: 132029 bytes
  md5: 4d80bb5000b97bbfbe156140b9560c20

Also, the latest source:


Thanks for using DBD::mysql and reporting bugs!

--Patrick 'CaptTofu' Galbraith
Tags: database clients, dbd::mysql, mysql

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