Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::mysql 4.014 Released

It's been an extremely busy year thus far with all the great work we're doing at NorthScale as well as the release of CaptTofu 2.0 (My son Kiran!). With the new UI on, in my spare time, I went through and closed some bugs, hence a new release of DBD::mysql, 4.014. In this release:

* BUG 30033 Fixed handling of comments to allow comments that contain characters
  that might otherwise cause placeholder detection to not work properly
* BUG 53844, Fix for memory leak in stats. (Gregory Burmistrov)
* BUG 49719, Fix for handling of NULLs in prepared statements (Gert Pache)
* BUG 55627, Fix for testing failure due to strict mode (Yves)
* BUG 51784, Fix for mysqladmin on Windows in Makefile (Zeeshan Muhammad)
* BUG 41630, Typo in Makefile

There are other bugs in, hence a pending release in the next week or two. I like an empty bug list!
Thank you to Gregory Burmistrov, Gert Pache, Yves, Zeeshan Muhammad for your patches!

You can find the code at:

The file:

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.014.tar.gz
  size: 131270 bytes
   md5: 74f118a4984e6a49f8ece28e68caf543

Also, I have moved the source repository from Subversion to Git (Github)

git clone git://

Why Github? I've really grown to like Git once my brain wrapped around it. No slight to any other system. I have DBD::drizzle hosted at Launchpad. At least now, I have to only concentrate on remembering how to use two revision control systems!
Tags: database clients, dbd::mysql, mysql, perl

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