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Expert PHP and MySQL published!

Expert PHP and MySQLI'm very pleased to announce the publication of my book Expert PHP and MySQL, published by Wrox. This book was written by myself, Andrew Curioso and Ronald Bradford. The short of it is, upon finishing my previous book, Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl, Wiley asked me if I knew of anyone who would like to write a MySQL/PHP book. I had worked with Andrew at Lycos and found him to be a brilliant PHP developer, having been the primary developer of Lycos's Webon product-- which has some excellent usage of PHP, Javascript and MySQL. When I friend of mine Bob Wilkins, who started MyVBO, was looking for a developer I suggested Andrew (he now works at MyVBO), and for this book I also suggested Andrew. Andrew had also written a short book for O'Reilly on AJAX, so Wiley was glad to have had him as a suggestion. They came back and asked if I would lend a hand to which despite being exhausted from writing my first book, decided to contribute and work on some chapters that covered material that thought would be a great benefit to the community-- namely Gearman, Sphinx, the Memcached Functions for MySQL as well as Memcached itself. Finally, we needed someone else with MySQL expertise to add to the mix to cover more advanced MySQL information to which Ronald Bradford, who I know, like, and respect as an expert in the field, signed on also.

For me, I have been more of a Perl guy, however, I like PHP just as well and even prefer how it's web deployment model is much easier (you don't need to modify your httpd config files) was interested in a challenge of writing a book on a different language. Also, some fruits of this being that my project from my Perl book, Narada, now has a PHP port.

I'm proud of this book. It was harder in some ways to write a book with other people than do it all myself, despite far fewer pages. However, the end product took advantage of all our strengths.

Topics covered in this book are (but not limited to!):

* PHP and MySQL techniques every programmer should know
* Advanced PHP concepts such as using iterators, making classes behave like functions, using true lambda functions and closures
* MySQL storage engines
* Using the information schema
* Improving performance through caching - using memcached to add a caching layer to your application
* Writing UDFs
* Writing PHP extensions
* Using the Memcached Functions for MySQL (UDFs)
* Full text search - installing, configuring, and using Sphinx in a PHP application
* Multi-tasking in PHP using Gearman. Narada is used as an example application demonstrating how to put many of the concepts of the book into an application
* Using Apache rewrite rules
* HTTP-based authentication

All-in-all, this is a great book that I hope will benefit PHP/MySQL or any other web developers who need a source of expert information!

I want to thank Andrew, Ronald, Wiley (Bob Elliot, Maureen Spears), Trond Norbye and Eric Day (who tech-edited the book!), and all others who I could write a book in itself who have helped (see my credits in the book!). Also, I want to thank the team at NorthScale, my employer, for being able to work with a team experts who I could refer to while working on this book.

You can buy this book from any major publisher, and from Wiley at
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