Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

libmemcached on Windows working!

I am so thrilled! I have libmemcached running on Windows! I've had to hack a bit with the Makefile (which is generated) and disabled some things like the 'example' directory as well as some code that's using sys/mman.h, which mingw32 does not have.

This image show the compile is successful:

I was able to run memslap (strange results, but it seems to be setting values)

Administrator@IP-0AF859ED /c/code-dev/bak/libmemcached-win32-bzr
$ ./clients/memslap.exe --servers="localhost:22122" --concurrency=1 --binary

Then to verify:

$ ./clients/memdump.exe --servers="localhost:22122"|wc -l
memdump: memcache error A TIMEOUT OCCURRED

Not sure what the timeout is about, but hey--- it's running on Windows! I'll continue investigating how to get this running better.

Stay tuned.
Tags: libmemcached, memcached, microsoft windows
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