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FederatedX now part of MariaDB!

I'm extremely happy to announce that the MariaDB project has integrated FederatedX into the main tree and has replaced the old, un-maintained Federated storage engine! This means that from now on, I will target any FederatedX changes and enhancements for MariaDB since it will be easier than having to try to make it run as a pluggable storage engine. This also means I will have another reason why I should keep this project moving forward. I will still provide the ability for anyone who wants to use it as a pluggable engine (not that difficult) so this can be loaded with MySQL as well.

Also changed: I changed to using the BSD license for FederatedX.

For Drizzle, I will need to rewrite a good part of the code base to use libdrizzle as well as the new storage engine interface, so they will be somewhat separate projects -- though I'll do my best to keep them the same single project.

I want to thank Monty Widenius and Antony Curtis for fixing some small bugs in order to get this merged!

If anyone has a feature request, just let me know.

The post on this news can also be found at
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