Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

MySQL Admin/Dev wanted

I have just accepted a position with Lycos as Principle Software Engineer, which I'm very excited about and will write about in a later post on this blog.

More immediate is the need to find someone to replace me at Grazr. I want to find them a well-qualified person. Some of the requirements are:

5+ Years with:

* Perl, mod_perl development, Perl OO, DBI
* Developing web applications with MySQL
* SQL -- and this means more than 'select * from foo'
* MySQL Administration
* Knowledge of good schema design
* Apache
* Linux Administration

Other needs:

* Sphinx Search Engine
* Memcached
* Familiarity with Nagios
* Understand different MySQL storage engines
* Familiarity with MySQL UDFs (I have a few I wrote at Grazr that someone will have to figure out)
* Any other MySQL monitoring tools (Cacti, etc)
* Must be in New England

The official posting is on Craigslist at:

Grazr is a small startup currently developing their latest product, Vibemetrix, This is basically a blog/feed search engine for customers to be able to obtain metrics of how effective their marketing within the blogosphere, using Sphinx as the backend search engine. There is a great potential to learn here, as I have since I've been here. Grazr is a very open-source-friendly company. They use Linux, MySQL, Sphinx, Perl, Mod_perl, Apache, Memcached, etc.

One of the important tasks of this position is to be able to scale the current database as well as Sphinx indexes, as well as collect as many new feeds from as many new sources as possible. Also, you'll most likely have to perform DBA tasks. This is a lot of data that needs to be managed.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
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