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AMI Grumblings

I was trying to find a decent redhat-based (Fedora, CentOS, etc) AMI this morning. I'm trying to build a RPM for memcached 1.4.1 and need something with all the RPM build tools on it. So many AMIs out there are not very good. One of them only had about 100MB of disk. Another had only 1GB. I installed all the tools that I needed and was out of space. Another annoyance is that you can't discern anything about an AMI from within the AWS Management console. You hope, and pray, that you can guess what the AMI includes by the name. Maybe there's something more about EC2 that I need to learn that would give me info about the AMI. Perhaps a field called "description" or "comments" and in that field it would say "Centos 5.3, 64-bit, 10GB of Disk, LAMP stuff". That would make it a lot easier to know what your spending time launching. I've already gone through 3 AMIs that I've started and then terminated to find something that looks sufficient.
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