Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::mysql 4.012 Released

Hi all!

I'm pleased to announce a release of DBD::mysql 4.012!

This release includes several fixes and modifications (per ChangeLog):

* Patch to bind_type_guessing from Craigslist, Thanks to Chris! Happiness is no quoted numbers. Fixed ChopBlanks to work with bind_type_guessing

* Patch for win32 strawberry build Thanks to Curtis Jewell! Windows needs love

* Patch for auto-reconnect to set active flag Thanks to Doug Fischer!

* Fixed bug 32464 See also:
Add connection flag mysql_no_autocommit_cmd which users of MySQL Proxy can use to prevent 'set autocommit=#' from being issued by the driver. 'perldoc DBD::mysql' to see how to use this new flag. Thanks to Russell Glaue for reporting this!

* Added bind-type-guessing options to Makefile.PL so the entire test suite can be run with bind_type_guessing set.

A little more info on the changes:

  • bind_type_guessing - this is a database handle attribute you can set (see perldoc DBD::mysql) by setting $dbh->{bind_type_guessing} = 1. Normally, DBD::mysql, if you are not using server-side prepared statements ($dbh->{mysql_server_prepare} = 1 ), then the driver emulates prepared statements. The driver emulated prepared statements place quotes around everything. This works well for most purposes, but there are some applications which work better if numeric values are not quoted. The driver attribute bind_type_guessing causes the driver to do a check of the value being bound and does its best to "guess" if the value is numeric (which it does pretty much perfectly). This release, 4.012, has a patch that makes the test for the attribute ChopBlanks work. Thanks to Chris at Craigslist for this patch!

  • I also added the option for Makefile.PL to take as an argument --bind-type-guessing which makes the test suite (make test) run with bind_type_guessing on for every test.

  • mysql_no_autocommit_cmd - ( $dbh->{mysql_no_autocommit_cmd} = 1) this is a database handle attribute that forces the driver to not issue "SET AUTOCOMMIT=#" when a connection is made. This is a problem for MySQL Proxy users.

  • Windows/Strawberry Perl fixes - thanks to Curtis Jewell!

Thanks for all the fixes listed in the changelog that I haven't elaborated on, and thank you for using DBD::mysql!

CaptTofu aka Patrick Galbraith

The file:
file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.012.tar.gz
  size: 129160 bytes
   md5: 8204ee14ef56de01e45e599c77db3abf

Tags: connectors, dbd::mysql, mysql, perl
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