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Sphinx command-line 'search' utility now with Drizzle support!

Hi all,

Several weeks ago, Eric Day added support for Drizzle into the main part of Sphinx, the indexer. I was testing and noticed the the "search" utility, which searches an index directly and can have a query that fetches whatever is needed from the database using the document IDs from the search,
and found that no results came from the database. That's because "search" only has MySQL support, whereas the main Sphinx code base has support for a number of databases, and uses inheritance to easily support them all so that whatever database you use, it automatically uses the correct connection. So, I added drizzle support to "search". The one issue is that unlike the indexer, "search" can only support one database as a time. So, if you want to compile in Drizzle support, you have to disable MySQL support for "search" to work correctly:

./configure --with-drizzle --without-mysql

Anyhow, here is the patch which includes Eric's work as well as mine:

I need to get in touch with Andrew ;)

Have fun!
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