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The sound of drizzle...

I see this post in MySQL internals:

It states that "Starting from January 2009" there's a re-engineering effort to improve the modularity of the code base, reduce the number of bugs introduced with new features and a better pluggable architecture to make it easier for third-parties to implement plugins.

Hey, this sounds great! However, I have some questions:

1. This sounds a bit like Drizzle
2. Why the announcement now, in May, when this effort was started in January? If this is all about openness, should not there have been some sort of pre-announcement to the community to solicit opinions?
3. How pervasive will this be? A re-architecture or a gradual direction of development?
4. Where's the code? Where are the plans? Other forks/branches, there is code to show. Is this an attempt of "me-too" ?

I applaud this effort and concept. However, it does seem a bit like reacting to what Drizzle and other branches are already doing. Why not work with the community and other branches?
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