Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::drizzle 0.100 released!

I'm incredibly elated to announce the release of DBD::drizzle 0.100. What is different about this release? It uses Eric Day's new client library, libdrizzle! This means we could eventually package the client with DBD::drizzle, eliminating the issues I have with DBD::mysql where code doesn't compile because of trying to compile DBD::drizzle against a MySQL client binary produced on a different machine with a different compiler and compile flags.

I want to thank Clint Byrum - immense thanks- for his work, which the majority of, made this possible. He and I spent the last several days together at the users conference going over the code, getting it to work. We achieved together more in hours time what would have taken days or even weeks. I'm also glad to have gotten to know Clint-- it's great to make new friends!

The next step is that we'll probably write this from scratch at some point. Right now, this is a retro-fit of DBD::mysql, which works just fine. However, we would like write a low-level 1:1 Perl:C layer of libdrizzle which we would then make DBD::drizzle to take advantage of libdrizzle's various features-- especially asynchronous features-- that might not be easy to access within the framework of DBI. I particularly like the way Tim Bunce's Memcached::libmemcached works with Daisuke Maki's Cache::Memcached::libmemcached-- something of that idea I would like to do with DBD::drizzle.

So, go get the code!!! All tests pass!

The files:

size: 82715 bytes
md5: fb80f344cabe248b18ea238ebf8d4da3

Credits and praise:

* Clint Byrum
* Eric Day
Tags: dbd::drizzle, dbd::mysql, drizzle, perl database connectors
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