Patrick Galbraith (capttofu) wrote,
Patrick Galbraith

DBD::mysql and Memcahed UDF news

Good news!


I have a new co-maintainer who is going to help out with DBD::mysql, particularly with Windows build issues with Strawberry Perl. His name is Matthew Wilson. He "works part-time for a hedge fund maintaining predictive market models. " and I'm looking forward to working with him to improve DBD::mysql.

Things on the agenda for DBD::mysql :

* Build issues, particularly with Windows
* Any bugs that need fixing
* Change to a new SVN server, as well as get moved to Launchpad

Memcached Functions for MySQL

New release this week, 0.8. Numerous fixes, particularly to behaviors functions. They will work now!

Thats all for now. I'm in the middle of writting a book, so must get back to work!
Tags: dbd::mysql, memcached udfs, open source
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