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Fifty Percent

I just uploaded one of my chapters in my book "Developing Web Applications using Perl, Memcached, MySQL and Apache" (Wiley). This was the 50% point. Man, this is a ton of work. Writing a book really takes up every second of your life, which is really hard when there are other projects you maintain - namely DBD::mysql, Memcached UDFs, FederatedX and my interest in helping with Drizzle. I've tried as much as possible to use my projects as material for the book making it possible to do two things at once, as well as make it interesting to write.

It's harder to write on reference material and explaining basic concepts than it is to write about code examples. The code examples I really enjoy because they are first interesting, and secondly there are some tricks and code functionality (particularly with Perl, DBI, stored procedures, etc) that I have never tried out before despite having been writing code for many years, that this book has forced me to demonstrate.

The latter half of the book will be more interesting as I'll start giving web application demonstrations. I wish I knew more about ajax, which I think is pretty much standard for web applications now. This will force me to come up to speed with it.

I'm particularly looking forward to the chapter I write on Memcached as I will showcase my UDFs as well as forcing me to write perl code that takes advantage of them.

One of the hardest things about writing a book is constantly questioning myself if the material I write is good or not. Well, that and waking up early before work to write because getting a certain number of pages written for the day are hanging over my head!

Off to SQL Camp today! Can't wait to see everyone there.
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